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The Power of Play: 10 reasons why children play to learn

Children at play are not playing about. Their games should be seen as their most serious minded activity” Michel de Montaigne 16th century writer Children learn through play, but equally importantly, play teaches children how to learn. Psychologists from the early … Continue reading

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What works to support children’s wellbeing and resilience.

Wellbeing and resilience are not skills you are born with, nor can they be handed on by wise advice, they are skills which have to be learned. Developing the skills which create wellbeing puts a young person in control of … Continue reading

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Why I don’t believe that motivation is irrelevant to success

Research has been published recently which claims that motivation is irrelevant to results in schools. They even suggest that as motivation goes down in high performing countries like Korea then results go up. The danger here is the failure to … Continue reading

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Creating a happy, secure and empowering childhood: 5 wishes for 2015

The turn of the year is traditionally a time for reflection and for considering self-improvement. Instead I have been thinking about what would make the biggest difference for children in our care. I wish you all a happy and fulfilling … Continue reading

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What children really need from their summer break is to discover and use their strengths.

Will your children have a happy summer doing things they love and avoiding boredom?  Are you confident that things will go well or do you wonder what to do for the best? Is this a time for rest and recreation … Continue reading

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