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How to support your child’s learning, no the answer isn’t supervising homework.

Do you want to spend your time standing over your child to check homework or would you rather help your child develop the values, skills and knowledge to be independent and self reliant. Some children are born with powerful drive … Continue reading

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Why I don’t believe that motivation is irrelevant to success

Research has been published recently which claims that motivation is irrelevant to results in schools. They even suggest that as motivation goes down in high performing countries like Korea then results go up. The danger here is the failure to … Continue reading

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F is for Flow: The A TO Z of a Flourishing Childhood

Introduction When children get a great start in life their chances of being happy, confident and successful adults soars. As a Child Psychologist I’m interested in what works to give each child what they need to flourish. I’ve chosen Flow … Continue reading

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D is for Deferred Gratification and (Self) Discipline in the A to Z of a Flourishing Childhood.

Introduction The A to Z of a Flourishing Childhood series explores what makes for a happy, confident and successful childhood. I write about what makes a real impact on children’s lives: whether at home or at school, when playing with … Continue reading

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