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Building children’s self esteem: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Self esteem:is knowing that you can handle what life sends your way. It is the ability to put your best foot forward and cope with life. Self esteem determines how you see yourself and creates the ability to take on challenges. Self … Continue reading

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What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful

I am grateful for this review from Chris Chesterman at Quest Psychology which has recently been published on his website. This book by Jeni Hooper, an educational psychologist, is an important work for anyone – parents, teachers, children’s professionals etc. – who … Continue reading

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10 ways to nurture wellbeing and build resilience

We live in a busy world where children as well as adults encounter challenges and may find this stressful. Some people are naturally confident and resilient but most of us need some help. So how do we support children who … Continue reading

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The importance of play and why children need more of it.

Play is like sleep, it is vital but extremely under rated by our too busy, achievement seeking world. Both seem like an option, rather than a necessity, that can be pushed way down the priority list. Yes it would be … Continue reading

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G is for Growth Mindset: The A TO Z of a Flourishing Childhood

Introduction. When we give children a great start in life their chances of being happy, confident and successful soar. As a Child Psychologist I’m interested in what works to give each child what they need to flourish. I’ve focused on … Continue reading

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