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A Wellbeing Toolkit: too many young people feel stressed, how we can help them.

Surveys of young people’s wellbeing often rely on self report measures. How do you feel? While this is not objective it is indicative of how young people see themselves. Often the media leap from these reports to banner headlines about … Continue reading

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Play is not for the faint hearted

There is snow in some parts of the UK currently and some schools are closed. Let’s all get outside. It’s healthy and good for us to be active and get exercise which raises the heart rate right? Sadly some schools … Continue reading

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The Self-Control Paradox : the foundations for building better behaviour in schools

Self control and character are frequently discussed as solutions to the complex process of helping a young person thrive at school. This individual responsibility to be compliant, co operative and school ready is talked about as if it is a … Continue reading

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Understanding and Nurturing Emotional Competence

Children need to learn to recognise and understand their emotions so they can gain control over what the emotional brain is telling them. Emotional competence is the ability to be aware of feelings but also to take account of what … Continue reading

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10 ways to support a Flourishing Childhood.

Source: 10 ways to support a Flourishing Childhood.

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Starting from the child: 10 ways to let children show us what they need to flourish.

Every child is different. Both parents and teachers want the best for their children but often knowing what will work best can be hard. I like this definition of flourishing: Flourish:  grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, … Continue reading

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What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful

I am grateful for this review from Chris Chesterman at Quest Psychology which has recently been published on his website. This book by Jeni Hooper, an educational psychologist, is an important work for anyone – parents, teachers, children’s professionals etc. – who … Continue reading

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10 ways to nurture wellbeing and build resilience

We live in a busy world where children as well as adults encounter challenges and may find this stressful. Some people are naturally confident and resilient but most of us need some help. So how do we support children who … Continue reading

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When should formal learning start?

How do we provide the best education for young children? We have a spectrum of opinion ranging between the  “start formal learning as soon as possible” view which has vocal support from the government and Ofsted and “Too Much Too … Continue reading

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How do we get children ready for school?

Recently Sir Micheal Wilshaw, Chief Inspector for Schools caused something of a stir when he said 30% of children were not school ready. He suggested a 4 year old starting school should be counting to 10, writing simple words, hold … Continue reading

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