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Why I don’t believe that motivation is irrelevant to success

Research has been published recently which claims that motivation is irrelevant to results in schools. They even suggest that as motivation goes down in high performing countries like Korea then results go up. The danger here is the failure to … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop the Race through Childhood: We Can’t Live their Lives for them.

“Too many parents try to live their child’s life for them” was a recent quote from Eton’s Head teacher Tony Little, this comment really resonated with me for many children not privileged to attend this well-known school. I suspect what … Continue reading

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Play has a purpose: why the focus on early academics is not what our children need.

A new baseline assessment is being introduced into schools to assess children’s early literacy and numeracy skills objectively. Teachers will also be asked to assess personal and social development from their initial observations. The broader and more detailed assessments which … Continue reading

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School holidays: how children learn even when they appear to be playing.

Will your children have a happy Easter break doing things they love and avoiding boredom?  Are you confident that things will go well or do you wonder what to do for the best? Is this a time for rest and … Continue reading

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