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5 a day for play

 Play has a Purpose Play is important and has a pivotal role in a child’s learning and development. Children want to play because it is fun and fascinating and their motivation to play is similar to hunger, thirst or tiredness … Continue reading

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It was a lovely surprise to be nominated by @kim_benham for  #TwitteratiChallenge . Kim is an inspiring and dedicated early years professional who writes at  When I read Kim’s blog in full I realised that I too could now nominate … Continue reading

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Why children are highly sensitive to stress and here’s how you can help.

Summer is on its way but so are the exams and tests which can be such a source of stress. SATs and GCSEs will be starting shortly and most schools annual reports now give far more assessment information than previously. … Continue reading

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How to support your child’s learning, no the answer isn’t supervising homework.

Do you want to spend your time standing over your child to check homework or would you rather help your child develop the values, skills and knowledge to be independent and self reliant. Some children are born with powerful drive … Continue reading

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