What is in the tool kit children need to flourish.

In my positive child psychology practice I see children who are facing all sorts of challenges that make them feel sad, worried or insecure.  Whether this is a new problem because of some unforeseen event or has been going on for sometime the child is in distress everyone wants a speedy solution.  Traditionally therapy had the reputation of making things worse before they got better which is not what you need when the family’s optimism about the future is in free fall.

If the school is also involved they too want a solution to the immediate problem but they also want to discover what will bring out the best in the child.  They want the child to reach their full potential and be happy, confident and successful.  Adults want a child to face life with enthusiasm and energy and not be afraid to try new experiences.

I specialize in Positive Psychology, the science of wellbeing.  This gives you an understanding of what we all need for optimal wellbeing but also a solution focused set of tools to make constructive improvements.  Most of the applications of Positive Psychology have been with adults  so I have developed the Flourishing Programme as a step by step guide to nurture wellbeing for children early on in life and make practical changes which get results.

While Positive Psychology Interventions PPI for adults are a private and personal matter which you can do for yourself PPI for children need to be led by an adult.

 The Flourishing Programme was previously only available to my 1 to 1 clients but is now available as a book.  The book describes how adults can create a good childhood and gradually teach the child the tools they will need to manage things independently once they are older so that people can find out more about the positive psychology of wellbeing.

What Children Need to be Happy,Confident and Successful is a step by step guide to how positive psychology can help children flourish. The 7 sections of The Flourishing Programme supports both parents and professionals to identify strategies which will turn things around.

There are 5 core areas of wellbeing that we work with in The Flourishing Programme :

  • Personal strengths: identifying those skills and interests which are enjoyed for their own sake and are motivating and energising. Boosting the daily use of strengths creates wellbeing
  • Emotional wellbeing: becoming calm and composed requires emotional self awareness and the set of skills to manage feelings. The programme guides adults in promoting those skills to manage negative feelings and boost positive ones.
  • Positive Communication: all relationships are build on a firm foundation of good communication, close rapport and finely tuned social skills.
  • Learning Strengths: creating motivation and zest4learning will create confidence, flow and a growth mindset which will yield results.
  • Resilience: every child need problem solving skills for those times when life gets tough. A step by step guide to building resilience will help you to support children when they are faced with challenges.   

The book is designed to help you explore where your child is doing well and to find what gaps they may have in their skills which could be supported with practical activities which fit into daily life.  You will discover how best to help children learn to:

  • Manage feelings and behaviour to increase happiness
  • Build satisfying relationships to boost confidence and self esteem.
  • Develop focused attention and increase motivation to learn
  • Discover their learning strengths and build their Zest4Learning
  • Learn positive communication skills to nurture empathy.
  • Develop hope, optimism and gratitude to sustain emotional wellbeing

The book is available from http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/book/9781849052399 or if you wish to discuss 1 to 1 support do contact me today on 01962 889437 or email info@jenihooper.com


About hooperj

I am a child psychologist and wellbeing coach and author of What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful: Step by Step Positive Psychology to Help Children Flourish which is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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