What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful.

published in March by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful is a little book about big issues: what do children need in order to flourish at home, in school and out in the big social world?  The inspiration to write the book came from parents and professionals who for asked  advice and information to help their  children grow up healthy and happy.  Helping children avoid problems is not enough, we want to create a good childhood so a child can be their best and flourish.

The book addresses a number of key  concerns about creating a good childhood:

  • How to build  a strong and lasting relationship with a child.
  • How to create positive communication which is open and honest but also capable of guiding and informing children.
  • How do children’s skills and abilities unfold and how can they best be nurtured?
  • How to discover a child’s strengths and talents and encourage their full use?
  • What will help a child to get the most value from their education?
  • How to build a child’s learning strengths and cultivate a love of learning.
  • How to nurture a child’s emotional wellbeing and their ability to control and influence their thoughts and feelings
  • What is the best way to find solutions to problems and challenges.
  • How to prepare for common life events like changing patterns of friendships or episodes of bullying?

Children will eventually become independent and need to be able to create their own happiness and deal with any challenges that threaten their wellbeing.  Being a good parent or teacher or  friend is also about mentoring a child to be able to manage their own lives with joy and confidence.  There is so much opinion and folk-lore on bringing up children but now we can look to evidence from positive psychology to help us  make decisions.

Positive Psychology emerged at the beginning of the 21st century when eminent academics got together to research what underpins emotional wellbeing and the achievement of excellence.  What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful brings that knowledge together in one volume.

Over the past 10 years the research evidence has grown about what really works to help people flourish.  This book brings that information together in one place in an accessible and user friendly way.  Each chapter has tips and techniques which can easily be integrated into daily life.

The key message of my book is “discover your strengths, use them and flourish”.  Discovering and building individual strengths is a powerful approach which will make a real difference to both emotional wellbeing and achievement.

The book guides you to discover and build a child’s core strengths in thinking and learning, emotional wellbeing, sustaining harmonious relationships and developing resilience.  Each chapter offers practical ideas and activities which can be adapted to suit your circumstances.

I have been a Child Psychologist for over 20 years and in 2006 I established the first independent Positive Psychology practice for families.  I developed The Flourishing Programme, an evidence based approach to nurturing wellbeing. What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful is a step by step guide to creating a personalised programme matched to the unique needs of your child. You will find questionnaires and checklists to establish your child’s strengths and to activities and strategies to build on their success.

Jeni Hooper

Child Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach



About hooperj

I am a child psychologist and wellbeing coach and author of What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful: Step by Step Positive Psychology to Help Children Flourish which is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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